Love Don't Live Here
Tom Jackson/Beverley Mahood/Keith Floen/Terry Barnett

I've been down
This road before
And I know someone
Doesn't like being alone
Cause her heart's been broken
And it's closed the door
Saying love don't live here
Saying love don't live here

Too many secrets
Have kept her lonely
Cause her one and only
She doesn't see anymore
And now her pain is cracked and broken
And it lays here shattered on the floor
Saying love don't live here

Don't let your misfortune
Be your life
Your torture may become
Your night
But I've seen
You in another light
A crown of thorns
May be your guide
But I won't let my love be denied
No I won't be denied tonight
No I won't

I've heard your voice
And I've seen your face
And you've been someone
In a state of grace
So I will be there
As I was before
Cause love's gonna live here
Forever More
Cause love's gonna live here

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