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Dreamcatcher 2003
Workshop Information

Presentation for Youth

"We have something important to discuss"
("But we'll have some fun doing it.")

Presenters: Dave Masecar, Tom Jackson

This presentation provides an opportunity to promote positive messages about stress, mental health, suicide prevention and coping. Through a series of fun activities and discussions, Tom and Dave will talk about how stress can affect us, what to watch for, and importantly how we can help ourselves and others so that tragic outcomes are prevented. This presentation is developed for high school age youth in groups of 100 participants. Information regarding local community resources for youth is made available at this presentation. Additionally brochures on stress, mental health and suicide are available to youth and the community.


Dave Masecar

Dave has worked for many years with children, adolescents and families experiencing stress and mental health difficulties. Much of his work has been in mental health, learning disabilities, suicide prevention and bereavement. He currently serves as the president of the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention / L'association canadienne pour la prévention du suicide (CASP/ACPS).

Tom Jackson

Celebrated actor, singer, and humanitarian, this minstrel is on a mission to create awareness and positive action towards the eradication of youth suicide. The Dreamcatcher Tour, now in its seventh year, was created by Tom following the untimely and tragic death of fellow North of 60 actor, Mervin Good Eagle. Tom's personal journey of healing has translated into a cross-Canada adventure, with over 100 visits to First Nations and other communities. As a co-facilitator with Dave, Tom will inject some of the empowerment (and humorous) skills he has attained through his 30+ years in the entertainment business.

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