Tom Jackson Quotables

"A giant of a man, Jackson parlays his ability to project to live audiences with profound perfection".

- RPM Chart Weekly

"'s a burly, theatrically-trained voice that demands a listen."


"...rumbling baritone vocals that command attention. His lyrics reveal a warmth and insight into his wrong-side-of-the-tracks upbringing."

- Scene Magazine

"...a warm baritone voice and musical ability that has made him a fixture of Canadian music since the 1970s. He has toured and been featured in clubs, colleges and festivals with Harry Belafonte, Joni Mitchell, Buffy Sainte Marie, Bruce Cockburn, Bob Dylan and Neil Young."

- Maclean's

"Tom Jackson has been a troubadour far longer than he's been a TV star."

- Capital News

"...don't mistake Tom's new album…as another example of an actor trading on thespian fame to make music. This is not a Lorne Greene or William Shatner scenario."

- Fast Forward

"He's six-foot-five and hard to forget, especially if you've heard him sing. His deep, warm baritone voice resonates magnificently, his gift for storytelling is exceptional. Through an honest, personal approach to his experience of love and life, Jackson weaves tales that strike the difficult chord of universality."

- Interchange

"For fans of Jackson the actor, this is the perfect opportunity to see and hear the other side of the man's talents."

- The Edmonton Journal

"That Side of the Window (is) an eclectic mix of original country-rock and blues that gives wide play to his resonant baritone. But what really grabs the attention are the lyrics. Many of them are about street people - the sadness of lives spent drifting between shelters and park benches."

- Canadian Living

"Most Winnipeg music fans remember Jackson for two things - a booming bass voice onstage, quiet integrity offstage. Jackson was always larger than life in performance, but never once chased trends or bandwagons outside his own blend of country, blues and folk."

- Starweek Magazine

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