In Development

"Head North, Turn Right" is a feature film, which retells the story of Christmas for the millennium. Created by Tom Jackson and co-written with Dave Schultz, this film is currently in development with the Media Group, a Saskatoon based production company.

"Island Extremes". A journey around the Pacific Rim featuring the thrill of extreme sports on the Hawaiian Islands. Pilot episode and trailer are completed with further episodes scheduled for completion in 2002. According to ESPN, extreme games are said to be one of the world's most popularly watched shows with viewership in over 120 countries.

"The Photo Show" is an informative and entertaining magazine format television series about everything photographic. From techniques, to equipment, from the fine art of the masters, to the everyday snap shots we all take, the Photo Show will explore the most important form of visual communication of the last 175 years.

"Rockin' the Rails". In collaboration with CPR, this ten-day journey by rail is a traveling show, targeted to families in rural Canada. Combining Canada's love affair of trains with Canada's premier entertainers creates a unique special event tribute to Canada Day in the west. Scheduled performers include: Tom Jackson, Tracey Brown & Randall Prescott, Duane Steele, Amanda Stott, Valdy and Joan Kennedy.

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