Studio Intro

"The most important part of recording is the studio environment. You have to feel comfortable in order to do your best creative work."    - Tom Jackson, Owner and Designer of Tomali Studios

Realizing a Dream

A combination of the right timing and the right environment made it possible for Tom Jackson to realize a long-time dream of his. The opportunity to convert a former fire hall into a recording studio was irresistible. From many years of recording experience, Tom derived his own studio standards and created his "ideal" recording environment. Construction began in September, 2000, and was finished in October - just in time for Tom to start recording his CD "The Best of the Huron Carole."

Advantageous Location

Calgary's music industry has been growing at a rapid rate and is receiving an increased amount of national attention, especially in country music. Calgary has now become the permanent home for the Canadian Country Music Awards and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

A 3400 square-foot self-contained heritage bungalow, built in 1942 creates a comfortable setting for Tomali Pictures' offices and recording studio. The building is located on the site of the former Calgary Forces Base, which has been converted into a "Studio Centre", providing a full range of film studio production facilities. This area has become the heart of the entertainment industry in Calgary.

Tomali Pictures is responsible for two national concert tours annually and other entertainment-related productions. To read more on the company profile please go to Tomali Pictures section.

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