Studio Touch

Under the leadership of well-known actor/singer Tom Jackson, Tomali Studios draws upon years of music industry experience to provide state-of-the-art equipment, professional advice, and the ability to connect its clients with the best in the industry.

"Digital recording is the way of the future. There isn't a musical vision that can't be created on the ProTools 5.1 system."    - Jared Kuemper, Engineer/Mixer

"Preparing to record an album can be overwhelming if you don't seek out advice right from the start. Producers can manage a budget, negotiate with suppliers as well as provide objective, creative leadership. In the long run they will save you money."    - Tom McKillip, Producer

"A musician's recording history, reputation and ability to perform under pressure is critical to the success of your recording experience and final product. Calgary has a wealth of renowned musicians who have worked and recorded with artists such as: Shania Twain, Amy Sky, Amanda Stott, Lorraine Segato, Charlie Major, Tracey Brown, Duane Steele, Patricia Conroy, Beverly Mahood, Farmer's Daughter, Michael Burgess, Thomas Wade, Lisa Brokop, Susan Aglukark, Valdy, Tara Lyn Hart, V.I.P., Ian Tyson, and more."    - Tom Jackson

Tomali Studios can also provide economical leads to:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Travel
  • Car rental
  • Accommodations
  • Graphic design and printing
  • CD duplication
  • Distribution
  • Marketing and radio tracking
  • Video production

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